Actual Ash/Fur Keychain


Material: Resin, Wood Beads , Lava Beads

Engraving Available: No

Pease Note: You must send us or you will need to arrange to have your local Pet Passages send the ash fur to the address below.

This Resin Art piece can hold a small portion of your pet’s cremated remains and/or fur. We require each customer to mail his or her pet’s cremated remains and/or fur to our facility where artist Jaime Dunadee Chirico will create your custom piece. Please place 1 teaspoon of cremated remains and fur in separate plastic baggies and mail to our office at Pet Passages, 348 State Route 104, Ontario, NY 14519. Please include a copy of the order email that you receive from us so that we know who the cremated remains and fur belong to.  Expect the process to take approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

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People love the Pet Passages Resin Art Collection because the pieces are so unique and custom to your pet.  A single Pet Passages Resin Art piece can tell an entire story of your adored pet and expresses the love you had for your them. What’s unique about the the Resin Art Collection is that they are custom made with your pet’s ashes and/or fur. Hand made by Pet Passages artist Jamie Dunadee Chirico, each piece is a wonderful way to commemorate your loving and cherished friend and keep them close to you. With just a small amount of your precious pet’s fur and/or cremated remains, Jaime will skillfully craft a piece that will forever stay close to your heart. The Resin Art – Ash Keychain has a Clip, 2 resin beads that will contain either ash or fur, lava and wood beads, rhinestone paw print and sterling accents.

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